Review of Personal Statement Writing Service

The Writer’s Coach – Overview

The Writer’s Coach is a personal statement writing service founded by a retired professor based in Los Angeles. As opposed to other personal statement writing services, The Writer’s Coach consists of a sole admission consultant who offers diverse admission services including personal statement writing service, admission essay writing service, resume writing, term paper writing, creative writing and much more. The Writer’s Coach has vast experience in different disciplines which gives him the unique perspective to write admission essays for students applying in different types of colleges. Getting in touch with the Writer’s Coach is very convenient as he can be contacted via telephone, email and fax.

Features That Make the Writer’s Coach Stand Out

The Writer’s Coach has been serving students for the last fifteen years and this amazing success can be attributed to the wide variety of admission services offered. This service not only offers services to undergraduates, graduates and PhD students but also enjoys great expertise in different domains of education such as medicine, law and business. Whether you wish to get your admission paper produced from scratch or if you need some admission guidance, The Writer’s Coach offers the best services in each regard.

Why Turning to the Writer’s Coach?

Most students often complain about not getting the proper attention by professional personal statement writers. The good news is that The Writer’s Coach will offer personalized admission guidance via telephone or email so that students are able to tell their personal stories in an engaging manner. The Writer’s Coach treats students just like his pupil instead of viewing them as customers and this leads to great teamwork and cooperation.

Be Aware of the Writer’s Coach Downsides

Review of ‘The Writer’s Coach’ admission service has led us to raise some issues. For starters, we found no testimonials on their website which otherwise would have helped students learn more about their service.