Review of Personal Statement Writing Service

Residency Statement Dot Com Overview

Residency Statement is a personal statement writing service that specifically works with writing residency personal statements. Currently, however, no one knows how long Residency Statement has been in business nor does anyone know how residency writing got started with the whole personal statement writing thing.

Features That Make Residency Statement Stand Out

Residency Statement stands out from other personal writing services for a variety of different reason. For one Residency Statement only writes residency personal statements. Yes, that right Residency Statement does not writing law school personal statements, business school personal statements or MBA personal statements. This may seem like a bad thing to some however it most definitely is not. The reason this is a good thing because it should give customers more ease of mind when it comes to knowing whether or not the writer can write the particular personal statement that is needed. Another thing that makes Residency Statement stand out is the fact that when you first enter their website,, they have a person that greets you and tells you about their residency personal statement writing services.

Why Turning to Residency Statement

When people make the choice to turn to Residency Statement personal statement writing services they know that their residency personal statement writing will be taken care of by skilled residency personal statement writers.

Be Aware of Residency Statement Downsides

Overall, Residency Statement may be a  good personal statement writing service to use however the rates that Residency Statement charges for residency personal statements can be a bit pricey.