Review of personal statement writing service

Personal Writer Dot Com Overview

Personal Writer dot com is a personal statement writing service that really does not disclose too much information about the background of their company or any things of that nature. Personal Writer seems to have been in business since the year 2003, based on the copyright of their website, Also, based on personal writer’s phone number we would conclude that personal writer is a personal statement writing service that is based in the United States.

Features That Make Personal Writer Stand Out

The only feature that really makes personal writer stand out is the fact that Personal Writer has more samples available of the personal statement writing than other personal statement writing services. Some of the samples that Personal Writer has available on their website, includes:

  • Law school personal statement
  • College personal statement
  • Business school personal statement
  • MBA personal statement
  • Graduate personal statement
  • Residency personal statement

Why Turning to

You should turn to Personal Writer because based on Personal Writer’s sample personal statements it seems as though personal writer knows what they are doing. Also, unlike other personal statement writing services Personal Writer explains to you that they will not be using your personal statement again by selling it to someone else. Also, Personal Writer admits to writing your personal statement from scratch.