IvyPointPrep.com Review

Review of Personal Statement Writing Service ivypointprep.com

Ivy Point Prep Overview

Ivy Point Prep is a personal statement writing service that does editing. What they do is take your own personal statement and turn it into something spectacular. With them you can send them law school personal statements, college personal statements, business school personal statements, and MBA personal statements. They have been in business since 2008 and they are said to only hire the best of the best when it comes to their editors. Many of their editors hold degrees from some of the top colleges in the United States.

Features That Make Ivy Point Prep Stand Out

The main feature that stands out with Ivy Point Prep is the fact that they do not provide the actual personal statement writing but instead do the editing for the pre written personal statements. Not to mention the fact that they even offer private tutoring. Also, they are located in the state of Maryland which makes it easier to verify whether or not they are a scam or a fraud website.

Why Turning To Ivy Point Prep

If you are looking for a personal statement writing service that has your best interest in mind it would be good to use Ivy Point Prep’s services. Not to mention the fact that they allow you to write your own personal statement and they just put some finishing touches on it. Then, there is also the fact that they offer tutoring to help you develop your own writing even more.

Be Aware of Ivy Point Prep Downsides

We can actually say that Ivy Point Prep has no downsides to many people. However, some people find a downside of their personal statement writing service to be the fact that they do not actually provide people with the personal statement writing instead you are the one who does all of the writing initially.