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Reviews of personal statement writing services show that they help student to write personal statements that make them stand out from the rest of the applicants. There are some who opt to write their own personal statements but they need some amendments. was established by Dr Finkel to offer residency personal statement editing service.

Dr Finkel in the past served as Assistant Residency Director for Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency. Dr. Finkel is a Stanford University and Harvard Medical School graduate therefore she did her personal statement writing before her admission. After completing her residency, she was requested to stay on as a faculty at Harvard and taught at Massachusetts General Hospital for 5 years.

When Dr. Finkel served as an Assistant Residency Director, she reviews countless resumes, applications and personal statements including those ordered from personal statement writing services. Dr. Finkel also interviewed applicants and made important admission decisions therefore she knows the importance of submitting a high quality college personal statement.

Features that make stand out

Dr. Finkel and team of editors are well qualified and ensure the customers get value for their money.  They have helped many students to succeed in their admissions. Review of Insider Medical Admissions show that editing turnarounds are rather fast but well done.

Dr. Finkel who personally conducts mock interviews and strategy sessions maintains privacy of her customers. Although she helps residency applicants, her tips can help applicants to business school who are required to write business school personal statement or applicants to other institutions

Why Turn to Turn to InsiderMedicalAdmissions.Com

Dr.Fikel has experience to help her to edit out the mistakes that make a graduate school personal statement or other kinds of personal statements less effective. She and assist students with content of their personal statements, structure, organization, grammar and focus. Reviews

Although she does not engage in personal statement writing service, Dr. Finkel is a professional writer thus she understands how to write a good piece. She publishes newspaper articles, academic journals and textbooks. editors revise each written material for up to 3 times and ensure it meets high quality standards like a law school personal statement or MBA personal statement. edits personal statements in a way that markets the applicants by highlighting the most important points that admission officers look for. Insider Medical Admissions review show that Dr Finkel personally reviews all the edits.

Although there is no complaint Insider Medical Admissions scam or Insider Medical Admissions fraud it does not work with parents or other individuals who pay on behalf of applicant. It also refuses to reschedule strategy sessions or mock interviews within 72 hours of appointment.