How to Win Graduate School Competition

Before you start to write your graduate school application, it is worth asking yourself the exact reason for the application. The reason could be a passion for a subject, desire for academic challenge and the benefit you hope to gain from your degree in the long term.  Consider the professional and personal goals.

Evaluate your professional strengths and weaknesses. When you have thorough understanding of reasons for graduate school application, it will help you select the relevant courses. It also helps to convince admissions officers that you are qualified for graduate program.

Begin the graduate school application early as possible because completing requirements takes considerable time. You could be required to submit results from school exams, provide official references, transcripts and write an application essay or personal statement. Those applying to graduate schools abroad may be required to meet additional requirements like results of English proficiency test as TOEFL. If you have doubts about the application process, contact the university admission department.

You can win a graduate school admission if you submit a well written personal statement. Consider the following tips when writing your personal statement:


The first sentence should be attention grabbing and compelling. To make it easier for you to write other parts, free write or make an outline. You may tweak the introduction when you get more aware about the defining moments or noteworthy accomplishments that led to your career interest.

Articulate Reason for Choosing the Career

A graduate school admission personal statement is an essay about the journey of an emerging scholar. Give evidence to show that you have confirmed your interests and earning a degree helps you to achieve the goals. Describe the courses, research, professor, service projects, internships or co-curricular activities that influenced you aspirations.

Be Specific

Anybody can claim to be interested in a certain degree.  You earn more credibility by demonstrating your passion. If for example you are interested in law, show how suitable you are by indicating whether you have ever participated in related activities like working at a law firm, participated in a student government or model UN trial.

State Reasons for Application

Briefly mention the appealing and noteworthy features that attracted you to the institution or program. Do not give excessive praise for the prestigious awards won by the institution as the committee members are already aware and other applicant will mention them as well.

Demonstrate Your Capacity to Succeed

Persuade   admissions committee that you will contribute to reputation of the institution through the academic studies and also professional career. Give concrete examples such as classroom assignments or employment experiences. and can assist you to succeed in your graduate school admission.