How to Get Accepted to Law School

The first step to get accepted to a law school is to have in mind what every part of your application should accomplish as you assemble your application materials.  A personal statement is a crucial part of law school application. It should not be simply used to summarize the resume and transcript.  The academic potential should be demonstrated by GPA and LSAT scores.

Extracurricular activities are an achievement but they should not be a substitute for LSAT and GPA no matter how important they are in revealing other noteworthy aspects of the academic career such as interest in public service or civil commitment.  In order to make an application competitive, each of its elements should address issues that admissions committees will look for in the particular element. A competitive application should demonstrate the following:

Academic Accomplishments

Applicants should document academic strengths and potential through GPAs, LSAT scores, academic publications and letters of reference from the faculty members who know their work.

Personal Qualities

As an applicant, demonstrate how your personal qualities will contribute to dynamic law school community. Personal interests, unique qualities and experiences can be discussed in the personal statement, in letters of reference and the resume listing of extracurricular activities, service or jobs.

Highlight Suitability of the Application

Pay attention to law school particulars that make you suitable for the law school you are applying to join. A law school admission personal statement should highlight why the chosen law school is a suitable choice given its strength and mission.

Personal Statements

A personal statement can address most of the questions by following these guidelines to draft, edit and revise.

Follow the Application Guidelines

Read and follow the application guidelines carefully when creating the personal statement. Law school requirements have different format, length and questions that need to be addressed. Take time so as to follow all the directions.

Personalize the Personal Statement

Make the personal statement personal to make it different from others. A personal statement should make an applicant recognizable through own words.  A good personal statement should discuss accomplishments, challenges experiences and insights without trying to summarize entire life.

Problematic Components

Address problematic components of the application. For instance, interpret GPA in a way favorable to application if it is lower than that of fellow applicants. Alert readers to the factors that contributed to low GPA such as illness or other difficulties experienced during school.

The application should be truthful. Remember to proofread and edit the personal statement. Services such as, and will help you with your law school application and admission.