Helpful Tips for Successful MBA Admission

There are many students   interested in getting an admission for an MBA program. Here are some useful tips for successful MBA admission:

Show How You Fit

It might not always be possible to pinpoint  aspects of a program that are entirely unique to  the school your  school of choice but the key is to show connection  between resources of the school, your requirements and interests. This makes the interest to be clear and personal.   If you interacted with some of the school’s alumni, students, admissions staff or professors, visited the school, it is helpful to mention these personal connections.

Connect the Short and Long Term Goals

Demonstrate the cause and effect between your short term and long term goals. Long term goals are based on assumption that the short term goals will be attained and the position you expect to hold later in career life will be facilitated by the positions you hold earlier.

State the Reason for Your Choice

Inform the school why you choose it. Many applicants make the mistake of responding to the question “Why our MBA?” by simply flattering the school. The right approach is to explain how the unique qualities and characteristics of the school meet your needs. Show by deduction how no other school can meet the needs.

Balance out Your Resume Content

Do not commit the mistake of writing about work experience for a large part of the personal statement even for business school admission then still submit a resume. This will only waste precious space when repeating facts that admissions committee already has. When you are prompted to discuss career progress, you should limit it to approximately 40% of essay length at most.  Let your resume highlight most of your work experience.

Be Honest

Honesty and confidence is essential for your statements. Use positive emphasis without trying to hide and make excuses or even lie about your excuses. There are some instances when a student requires explaining the weak component of the application. In other instances, it might be best to avoid mentioning the weaknesses. It is better to write an essay that concentrates on your strengths. Admissions readers have read thousands of essays and can tell if a candidate is sincere.

Remember that the personal statement is a form of introduction especially for programs that do not interview applicants. However, there is need to summarize your entire life. Avoid needless details and concentrate more on your professionalism and ability to handle intellectual work in the chosen field. Services like,, and can help you with MBA application and admission.