Review of personal statement writing service Overview

FiveOffers was started by to LSE graduates who happened to have extensive knowledge as well as experience with the UCAS applications. However, they are not your average personal statement writing service. Instead of doing the personal statement writing for you they review what you have already written and just make it more college worthy. In the end this insures that your personal statement will not only be a reflection of who you are but it also helps you save money since they are not doing the actually personal statement writing for you.

Features That Make FiveOffers Stand Out

The main thing that makes Five Offers stand out is the fact that they do not do the personal statement writing for you which makes them an exceptional choice when price is a very important issue. Also, another feature that makes them stand out is the fact that they take the time to thoroughly review your personal statement so you can expect for it to take about 5 days for you to have the completed product. Not to mention the fact that also accepts their payments through Google Checkout this is rather uncommon among personal statement writing services.

Why Turning to

Five Offers is a great place to turn to when you are strapped for cash according to reviews of personal statement writing services. Also, reviews hint that it is best to turn to Five Offers if you want genuine advice. Not to mention the fact that all of the reviews about Five Offers has been generally positive so far. Lastly, there does not appear to be any Five Offers scam or Five Offers fraud taking place within this personal statement editing and advice company.

Be Aware of Five Offers Downsides

The only downside of using Five Offers is the fact that there turnaround times can seem extremely long for some of their customers. So, this is not one of those companies where you can think you can put your order in and have your finished project back in two days or less. This makes it hard for to keep up with a lot of their competition no matter how low their rates are.