Review Review appears to be one of the personal statement writing services that is run by an individual. There is no indication of the individual’s name, however, but you can tell it is a one person business because of the constant use of the word “I”. The owner of mentions that they graduated from a prestigious private university yet they also do not mention the specific name of the school. The prices of the personal statement writing services provided by are not listed on their website. But, they do have a contact email where individuals can contact them to find out how much their personal statement writing is going to cost as well as how long it is going to take for the assignment to be completed. 

Features that Make Stand Out stands out from the other personal statement writing services according to the other reviews of personal statement writing services. The first thing that makes stand apart from the other business school personal statement writing services is the fact that this business is run by an individual and does not appear to use a team of writers. This is a good thing because you know who is going to be writing your work and also you can find out more background about the writer by simply inquiring about the information when you contact him or her for your rate and deadline.

Why Turning to Essay Smith

Essay Smith is the solution to individuals who need personal statement writing complete whether they may need a law school personal statement, college personal statement, MBA personal statement, graduate school personal statement, residency personal statement, or any other type of personal statement for that matter. Based, on the reviews of Essay Smith it does not appear that there is any type of Essay Smith scam or Essay Smith fraud taking place within this personal statement writing service. So, based on the Essay Smith review that can be found on the website you have nothing to worry about when using this personal statement writing service. Not to mention the fact that testimonials for Essay Smith make it seem as though the quality of the personal statements are the best of the best.

Be Aware of Essay Smith Downsides

Essay Smith does come along with some downsides, yet, because they have reviews this personal statement writing company cannot be written off as being a scam. Instead this may be a business that is run by an individual who may not have the best marketing skills. The bio that they have left is not something that would be appealing to customers as, in all honesty, it seems as though they have something to hide since they do not reveal their name or where they received their degree from. Furthermore, they should have some general price list so customers could at least no whether or not their personal statement writing services would fit into their budgets.