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Review of personal statement writing services discloses that most of them do not offer editing services. offers custom proofreading and editing to medical school, nursing school, pharmacy school veterinary or dental school applicants. Medical school applications are a daunting task and students must put a lot of effort to personal statement writing.

Many top programs only accept less than 5% of the applicants hence a person who intends to join them just present an outstanding secondary essay and residency personal statement.

Many students find it hard to write personal statements that meet the requirements of their target schools. Most turn to a personal statement writing service. encourages students to write their own personal statements as they are the ones who know their story better. It helps them to improve their complete documents.

Features that Make Stand out hires qualified editors who are masters of written word and can even write or edit a business school personal statement or MBA personal statement. The editors are graduates of top PhD programs who have spent years doing editing. Essay MD can help students who want their personal statements or essays edited within a short time.

It accepts rush orders with a turnaround of 48 hours and 24 hours. The quality of editing for rush orders is excellent and improves the documents to level of a law school personal statement or graduate school personal statement written by a professional writer. Payments are made through Paypal which is secure service hence there is no risk of Essay MD fraud. The privacy of the clients is kept confidential.

Why Turn to has created 3 packages for students to choose what suits their needs. The packages are:

Writer’s block package

This is the most intensive package. It includes 3 major editing and drafting cycles then one final proofreading.  The 3 editing cycles includes work at any composition stage to ensure that there is insightful input like that of personal statement writing services writers during the writing process. The editor helps students sort out the ideas and make them meaningful to admissions committees that will go through college personal statement.

Rejuvenation package

This involves critiquing a personal statement the way an admissions committee would do and suggest changes that make a student to be more marketable.

Polishing package

Review of Essay MD shows that this is a package whereby an editor who understands the unique needs of medical school admission committees comprehensively proofreads a personal statement to eliminate errors that undermine the applicant’s chances.

Review of Essay MD point out that its downside is that it limits the number of words to 2000 unless there is a special arrangement.