Review of Personal Statement Writing Service

The Admissions People Overview

The Admissions People is one of the personal statement writing services that are based out of California. They list their address on the website in hopes to show their potential customer that they are not a scam or a fraud. However, you will not find any rates or useful background about the company on their website. Instead you have to send them and email basically to have any type of access to anything.

Features That Make The Admissions People Stand Out

The Admissions People stands out from the other personal statement writing services due to the fact that they are only a company of three. Also, they tell you a little about each of the writers which can relax the minds of people who are searching for a personal statement writing service. Another thing that makes this company stand out is the fact that they do not have a whole bunch of pages to look through or information for that matter. When you arrive at their website you will find that they have only one page that states very little that many people would find useful.

Why Turning To The Admissions People

When people are looking for a personal statement writing service The Admissions People would be a good option when it comes to being a small company that has three qualified people working. Also, there are lots of features that make them stick out such as the fact that they are in the U.S. so you can be comfortable know that native speakers are taking care of your very important assignment.

Be Aware of The Admissions People Downsides

The Admissions People has one major downside which is the fact that they only communicate during email. This means that when you are thinking about using their personal statement writing service you will have to be prepared for a very long email session.